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There is no security without monitoring.

The internet never turns off. And neither does your IT environment. That's why you need uninterrupted security. Someone needs to stay up all the time to monitor and keep track of the dynamism of your IT environment.

What to monitor?

Whenever we talk about monitoring, the first question that is asked is: Monitor what?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for all customers. Everyone has their own priorities. These are usually based on traumatic experiences with the crash of systems or applications that compromised the company's operations and generated losses or compromised its image.

One of Netreo's strong points is that it is a monitoring platform with a set of services that cover hardware, software, networks, integration solutions and “cloud services”. And you can make the set that meets your immediate and future needs.

Hardware and Software
Integration Solutions
Cloud Services


Created in 2000 at the University of California at Irvine by Cisco visionaries and former Cisco professionals James Mancini, Kevin Kinsey and Andrew Anderson.

As usual with a horizontal platform, today Netreo is implemented in several market segments such as finance, retail, logistics, manufacturing, health services, and education.

Successful cases range from large corporations such as Mitsubishi Motors to the century-old healthcare provider TRA Medical Imaging.

These and hundreds of other companies have entrusted Netreo with monitoring their digital presence and their IT, becoming reference customers for their service platform.

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How Does Netreo Work?

Today's IT organizations face the challenge of integrating new technologies into their infrastructure while continuing to support all of their legacy needs. Business technology stacks have become more complex, diverse, and difficult to control than ever before. The Netreo IT infrastructure monitoring platform provides a platform that gives organizations a single, unified view of the truth across their entire IT infrastructure - regardless of size, footprint or complexity.

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Who is it for?

Support Analysts

To track real-time operation and improve troubleshooting response.

IT managers

To manage the performance of the operation and anticipate incidents.

IT directors

To identify bottlenecks and plan medium and long-term investments.

Why Netreo?

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Security
  • Success

Loss of internal productivity

Your organization's operational and labor expenses will likely pay off regardless of system downtime. So when a system fails, your organization pays all expenses without significant productivity. And worse, when the system is back up and running, you pay additional costs to compensate for lost productivity.

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Service Level Agreements

Many customers require specific language for financial compensation in the event of a system failure. Aside from actually having to cover the costs of a breach of the service level agreement, paying this compensation does little to repair the damage to your brand in the eyes of customers, both internal and external.

Brand Damage

When customers frequently experience outages or other difficulties with a product or service, not only do they leave the system, but they also share their negative experiences with others. Bad brand exposure can not only cost you that customer, but it can hurt potential future business as well.

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System Abandonment

If a system stops working or becomes unreliable, users abandon it. This is how unapproved systems or software gain traction within an organization, exposing you to more security risks. Unreliable systems often become candidates for expensive replacement plans, even if the root cause is not the system itself.

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Data loss or exposure

The worst case scenario for any IT department, any system outage comes with the risk of exposing valuable or sensitive data or, worse, lost data altogether. While best practices and backups can help mitigate the risk, no one plans for outages and this can lead to disastrous or unexpected consequences.

Competitive Advantages

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Smart Alerts

Make sure the alerts really mean something.

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Single Panel

A simplified view of the entire enterprise.

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Automate your mission-critical tasks.

What does Netreo offer?

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Network Management

Powerful and convenient network change and configuration management.

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Microsoft 365 Management

Eliminate Microsoft 365 blind spots.

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Server Management

Get more performance with Netreo management software.

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Cloud Management

Monitor user experience for your cloud applications.

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Configuration Management

Network configuration management tool.

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Virtualization Management

Easy virtualization management solutions to a difficult problem.

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Application Management

Industry-leading web application response monitoring.

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Database Management

Continuous monitoring and data collection across the enterprise.

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Traffic Management

Industry-leading network traffic monitoring.

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Reports and Analytics

Ongoing corporate data collection and monitoring.

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Mobility Management

See your entire IT environment in the palm of your hand.

Siena Company Logo

The official partner of Netreo in Brazil is Siena Company.

Netreo's sales model in Brazil, where Siena Company is its official partner, includes the simple acquisition of the product, leaving the commitment to implement and then use it to the customer's IT, to the contracting of the complete monitoring service by Siena Company, freeing the customer from this commitment.
Take your company to new levels of control, security and response to incidents. Contact Siena Company today to receive a quote.

What does Siena offer?


Assist in the process of evaluating the adherence of the product to the customer, up to the process of purchasing the product.


Configure the product to meet specific customer needs.


Integrate the product with other customer digital systems if necessary.


Enabling key customer users to make the best use of the product.


Support the operation of the product on the client, so that the client continues to get the most out of this investment.

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